Fixed Charges for Property Letting

Appraising, marketing, finding a suitable tenant, arranging necessary documentation, handover meeting, transfer of utilities and transfer of funds.

Finder's Fee-One Off Charge
Properties with a rental value up to €1000 pm                                €850 plus vat
Properties with a rental Value between €1000 and €1500pm         €1100 plus vat
Properties with a rental value greater than €1500 pm                    €1400 plus vat

For short term bookings 0 to 6 months - 50% of applicable annual rate, 6-11 months at 75% of applicable annual rate.

Additional Services
Management of tenant, repair & maintenance management, collection of rent & preparation of Monthly Income Statement.


€80 plus vat per month plus any outlays. Any outlays incur a 10% administration charge and is subject to a €20 minimum charge.

Dealing with insurance claims
We charge 10% of the claim value to provide a full insurance claim management service.